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Notes to disks Warranty

Notes to disks Warranty


The wheel indicated in the present warranty certificate will be replaced or repaired or else its cost will be recovered in line with the terms and provisions set forth in the given Warranty.



This Warranty covers the wheel and its accessories, bought by the Client, provided they were used under normal operating conditions and to the purpose intended.

The wheel which gave rise to a claim shall be sent to the manufacturer.

The obligations under the warranty will be met subject to the return of the wheel to Azov-Tech.



General warranty

3 years from the date of purchase

Aluminum wheel

Limited warranty

2 years from the date of purchase

Accessories to the wheel such as a wheel cap, wheel ornament and finish, for example painting and other standard finish

1 year from the date of purchase

Chromium coating and other finish with the use of special chemical processes, for example metal spraying and vacuum painting, provided there is no mechanical damage


Bring the Warranty Certificate and the receipt issued by the shop or the dealer having sold the item. 
Failure to produce the Certificate or the receipt will deprive you of the warranty service.


The wheel under warranty may not be replaced with a new one if such wheel is out of production or out of stock at the time of lodging the claim. Further, the claims for breakdown or loss of mechanical strength will not be satisfied if it is revealed that the cause of the breakdown under normal operating conditions is other than the wheel itself.


[ 1 ] The following cases are not covered by the Warranty: 
Natural wear and tear; deterioration with time (for example paint discoloration; tarnishing of chrome-plated and sprayed-on parts; discoloration of plastic parts and components); 
Vibration and rocking during the ride, associated with balancing. 
At first check the technique used for mounting the tyre and the wheel as well as the internal balancing of the wheel itself. 
Daily condition checks of the wheel and the tyre before the rides were not made, which gave rise to a claim. 
(For example, vehicle operation at the tyre air pressure below the standard or when mounting bolts and nuts are loose or insufficiently tightened).

[ 2 ] The following actions and situations are not covered by the Warranty: 
Any changes in the original condition of the purchased wheel, for example discoloration, additional machining or any other changes departing from the accepted original specification of the manufacturer in line with prevailing applicable law of the Russian Federation; 
The mounted wheel to be used otherwise than at design parameters, for example at limited loads, the engine power setting exceeding the design wheel load; 
Daily maintenance of the entire car or its components and assemblies was not carried out or was inadequate; 
Wrong choice of the wheel for the car; 
Wrong choice of the wheel tyre according to the ETRTO Guidelines; 
Replacement of wheel accessories or components such as bolts, nuts, gaskets, hubs and counter weights with parts not covered by the specifications; 
Harsh environment impacts on the wheel, for example high-alkali cleaning agents, polishing agents, poultry droppings, petroleum and its products, shots with stones, iron dust from the brake housing, coal dust, acid rain, salt, wax paste with  a hard abrasive component. If chemical cleaning agents are used, peruse and observe relevant instructions. 
Breakdowns caused by such natural calamities as earthquakes, storms, typhoons or floods, fires and traffic accidents; 
An out-of-spec or recapped tyre was mounted onto the wheel or the tyre was fit in the wrong way; 
The wheel was run under harsh road conditions such as race courses, rally or any route or area for racing for which it was not originally intended; 
The Warranty Certificate is forged or contains false information.

[ 3 ] In claim processing the manufacturer does not cover the following expenses: 
Repair of wheels, which was made without approval or consent of the manufacturer; 
Inconveniences related to issuance of the Warranty such as payment of telephone bills, correspondence,  tracing the order or any accompanying expenses arising out of this claim, for example indemnification, salaries; 
Expenses incurred as a result of unavailability of the given car during the claim processing process, for example taxi , transport or railway fares, hotel  rates, accommodation; 
Use of the tyre before lodging a claim. For example, the tyre was used within 6 months prior to submission of a claim and Azov-Tech will not pay the 6-month use value of the tyre.

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