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About Company

Azov-Tech LLC was founded in Russia in 2005 at the former Azov agricultural equipment manufacturing facility which had been run till the early 1990s at: 102 Mira St., the city of Azov city, Rostov Region. The Plant produces light-alloy car wheels (disks) under the trademarks of Tech Line, NEO and Venti. Such large-scale production involved considerable efforts. The Company staff  succeeded in setting up and launching a new production and in 18 months, in April 2006, the first products were released.

Owing to the proximity to a large transport hub and the lack of similar enterprises in the south of Russia, the Company became one of the most dynamically developing entities in the region. Over 200 people are employed by the Plant. It boasts of state-of-the-art high-technology equipment manufactured by the most reputable foreign companies. Aluminum is supplied by the RUSAL Incorporated Company with which Azov-Tech has been cooperating for many years. The Control and Quality Laboratory of the Company is equipped with up-to-date facilities.

In 2011 Azov-Tech launched a new trademark of cast disks – NEO. The NEO cast disks with original parameters are intended for new warranty cars. All the parameters of the NEO disks fully comply with similar parameters of the original wheel disks.

In 2014 the Company launched production of cast disks of a yet another new trademark – Venti. This disk line features a specific disk design aimed at reduction in the disk weight, which makes its cost lower. 

In 2020 the Company launched production of cast disks of a yet another new trademark – RST. This disk line is a replica wheels installed by car manufacturers. 

Today Azov-Tech is contemporary production focused on market demand and dynamic development. The Company places notably high emphasis on product quality at all production stages. All its products are certified according to accepted GOSTs. The ISO 9001 and ISO 16949 Certificates granted allows to operate in the international market.

Since 2007 the Azov-Tech Plant has been а permanent participant of the Interavto International Exhibition.

The Company has been annually ramping up its production output, which necessitates the expansion of production. Short-range plans of the Plant include the construction of additional production facilities.

The Company products are supplied to numerous cities of Russia as well as abroad – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia.

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