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Welcome to the official website of the Azov-Tech Company.

Azov-Tech LLC is the only manufacturer of light-alloy wheel disks by the low-pressure casting technique in the South of Russia and is among the leading Russian plants in the field. Azov-Tech’s cast disks are  one-hundred percent domestic products. We produce over 150 models of light-alloy disks of various designs, colors and dimensions under such brands as TechLine, NEO and Venti.

The warranty period of aluminum wheels is 3 years.

The products released are certified in line with requirements of the Russian Federation.

Disks are tested in a plant laboratory in accordance with GOSTs at high loads of 110-120%.



A new cost-effective painting line of disks has been released. The price reduction was achived owing to application new materials and technologies. 

657   Venti 1401

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            NEO 658                        NEO 666                     Venti 1504                      NEO 667

NEO 658NEO 666 BDVenti 1504NEO 667


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